12 Easy Ways to Get a High Paid Job in The US


With 60% of people saying that their salary is one of the biggest contributors in their thoughts on job satisfaction, it stands to reason that we all want high paying jobs.

Of course we do – generally, we dedicate 40+ years of our lives to our jobs, and with an average working week standing at 40 hours, that’s 83,200 hours, or over nine years of non-stop, 24 hour working.

That’s a lot of time to dedicate to something, and as such, employees want to be compensated fairly for their work.

To find out how to keep those nine years profitable, read on – watch out for number five which gives you a way to earn a top salary without even leaving your house:

1. Build Your Brand

Building a brand doesn’t mean you have to launch an actual company. It can also mean branding yourself. By doing this, you will become known as someone consistent and smart within your area and before long, recruiters will start to notice you.

Not only does this mean big bucks, it also means they come to you instead of you going to them.

2. Position Yourself as an Expert Within Your Industry


Similar to the point made above, establishing yourself as an expert in your field can get you noticed by head hunters and bring opportunities to you.

You could give lectures and presentations on your area, write a blog or eBook about it, make vlogs or even do a podcast.

3. Become a Consultant

Becoming a consultant is a great way to make a good salary. Instead of doing a set job, it would be up to you to go into a company and assess their systems and operations.

Give them a detailed plan to save money or improve performance.

This is a fantastic follow up to point two. Once you are recognised as an expert in your industry, consulting is the next logical step.

4. Work on Your Leadership Skills

No matter what job role you work in, it stands to reason that your direct manager gets paid a higher salary then you do and so on.

Developing your leadership skills can stand you in a good place to advance through your current company or make a sideways move into a higher paying role.

5. Work from Home for Yourself

Working from home used to be something that top executives did, or people did part time for a bit of extra income.

Now there are so many career opportunities where you can choose to work for a company or for yourself directly from the comfort of your couch.

Although you have to be very motivated, if you can stick the pace, you can easily out earn many salaried workers.

6. Get Qualified


While many companies will take on someone they feel is right for the role based on their experience levels, someone academically qualified for the role can often demand a higher salary than someone unqualified.

7. Do an Online Training Course

If doing a degree seems like too big a commitment, consider doing some training online.

Self-study courses can be done at your own pace, so you can get through them as quickly as you want to and the prices are a lot less than a full university degree.

Make sure you choose a course in something relevant and sought after in your field for the best chances of landing a high paid job.

8. Network


Want to get ahead of the crowd and get a head’s up about new openings? Network and get to know people in your industry. Got to events or seek out influencers in your field through LinkedIn.

Word of mouth is often the best way to hear of opportunities, and if you impress the recruiter before the job is even made public, then you’re pretty much guaranteed a fast track recruitment process.

9. Find a Job Nobody Wants

This might sound crazy, but just give it a go. And when you find one, ask yourself why no one else wants it. Maybe it’s a dirty job but you have a strong enough stomach for it. Maybe it’s something many people find boring but you enjoy it.

The less potential candidates, the better your chances of landing the role, and if the candidate pool gets too small, the salary will go up to attract applicants too.

10. Approach the Company You Want to Work for

There’s no rule to say you can’t show your interest in a company before they advertise for staff.

If you can identify a pain point for that company, and effectively demonstrate that you’re the person to solve it for them, you might just land yourself a high paid job quickly.

11. Make Sure Your Resume and Cover Letter Are On Point

Having a great resume and cover letter is the key to getting employed quickly. If your resume or cover letter aren’t up to scratch, the likelihood of you being offered an interview is slim.

Without this chance, it doesn’t matter how good you are. Let your resume sell you to the companies you want to work for.

12. Set Up Alerts with Job Sites

If you set job sites up to inform you as soon as jobs that match your criteria land on the site, and you get straight on with your application, you will be one of the first applicants.

Your resume will hopefully reach the recruiter before they are so inundated with applications that they barely glance at them, which drastically improves your chances of being hired.


The most important thing to remember is that these tips only help to streamline the process. Finding the right job for you takes time. Don’t become disheartened if it takes a little longer than you first expected.

And remember that get rich quick are just that – schemes. If something sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is.

Stick to jobs with reputable firms that have a proven track record to avoid being lured into a scam by the promise of big bucks.