11 Easy-to-get Certifications That Could Boost Your Pay and Career


Want to know a quick and easy way to get more money and boost your career? Of course!

Did you know that there is an abundance of certifications you can get to either boost your current job prospects or provide you with a new one?

Spend less than a year doing these certifications below, and benefit from incomes that can quickly reach six figures. Want to achieve the riches sooner rather than later? Take a peek at numbers’ nine and eleven…

1. Social Media Marketing

There are all sorts of ways that social media can benefit your business. However, not too many firms are convinced enough to hire a social media marketer.

If you get a social media marketing certification, you will become a highly sought-after employee.

Not only can you do the job you were originally hired for, but you can include social media marketing into the mix and become exceptionally valuable. Being paid to browse Facebook? Umm, yes please!

2. Communication

If you work for a big corporation, then having excellent communication is a must.

Whether you’re dealing with the press, the public, or your own team, knowing how to manage them and communicate with clarity is sometimes a skill that should be a certification.

Lucky for you, there are not only several communication degrees and certificates available but benefits of doing them as well. You’ll also be surprised at how attractive that certification looks on your resume too…

3. Notary Public

While the pay is nothing too flashy, the benefits and potential for career growth from this side gig can be incredible. Being a notary public involves signing and verifying documents in a range of industries.

As soon as employers see that you’re a notary public, you become a valuable asset.

It can either see you start your own business, earn more in your current employment, or branch out to a new line of work. The best part is, it’s a straightforward certification that can take as little as six weeks to get.

4. First Aid

Less than half of US workers are trained in and know how to administer first aid. Yet, with over 10,000 cardiac arrests in the workplace every year, it’s a necessary skill now more than ever before.

Not only can getting your First Aid certification mean you can potentially save a life, but you can put more money in your pocket as well.

Depending on where you live, you can be entitled to a higher hourly rate or a yearly allowance.

5. Programming

Even though we live in a very digital world, a considerable proportion of businesses still don’t have a very good online presence or website.

If you want to help your employer extend their reach while being paid a pretty penny for doing so, do a quick certification in programming.

You can learn how to build websites, make apps, and learn the inner workings of C, C++, CSS, HTML, Java, and more. Your skill will be exceptionally sought after in the years to come.

6. Event Planner

In one year or less, you can go from being either in a job you hate or unemployed, to working for yourself in a position that pays close to $80,000 per year.

Or, you can use your event planning skills in your current employment to boost your skill set and pay packet.

Being able to plan special events puts you in the realm of “lifesaver” – being able to take the stress off the shoulders of business owners who don’t have the time to do it themselves.

7. Graphic Design

If you spend 12 months or less taking part in a graphic design certification, you can have one of the most sought-after skills in the digital age.

Businesses are always in need of quality design – be it for social media, ads, or their in-house material.

You can also travel the world being able to work from anywhere while earning big money in the process.

There are so many free or affordable, and fast courses that can help to give you a skill that everyone wants.

8. Computer-Aided Design

Computer-aided design (CAD) can be one of the most beneficial skills you can learn.

The best part is, it takes minimal time to learn if you’re already familiar with the basics. Given that manual drawing is also becoming a thing of the past, you will quickly become a favorite candidate for many jobs.

Computer-aided design also enables you to get jobs in a range of industries such as surveying, architecture, civil engineering, interior design, and many more.

9. Real Estate Agent

Do you have a passion for people but impatience for long courses? Then become a real estate! In as little as 200 hours, you can be on your way to selling families their dream homes, while earning an average of six percent of a property’s value with each one you sell!

Pre-licensing coursework, while intensive, takes little time at all, and you can quickly earn that six-figure income while helping get people onto the property ownership ladder.

10. Academic and Business Writing

It might seem like it’s more important to know how to do your job than it is to use correct spelling and grammar, but academic and business writing is now crucial.

If you want to appear credible, influential, and intelligent, then take a few months out of your time to learn academic and business writing.

You can become a valuable asset to your company which, before long, can significantly improve your pay packet and prospects!

11. Project Management

There is a vast difference between being a project manager and being a certified project manager. In fact, having that coveted certification can boost your income by as much as 20 percent, if not higher.

What’s more, if your resume is on someone’s desk along with tens of others, yours is bound to look more attractive with that “PMP” certification, meaning the likelihood of securing a job seems far more promising than it would without that acronym.


Sometimes getting more career prospects or a larger pay packet is about working smarter, not harder. You don’t need to sink years of your life into certifications for a minimal pay increase.

Instead, you can spend less than 12 months studying and, in some cases, double your income.

You can then sit back and watch the job offers roll in! Give any of these 11 certifications a try and wait as your many career prospects come to fruition before your very eyes!